Map Sumatra Island rework for 1.40 – 1.49

Map Sumatra Island rework for ETS2 1.40 – 1.49. This map has been tested on versions 1.40, 1.45, and 1.48. To use this map, you must have all the DLCs installed. If you do not have all the DLCs, the game may crash.
I have only replaced some models that were causing crashes, fixed damaged gas station prefabs, and replaced old roads with new ones. Almost the entire original map has been used.
Sorry if you find a bug.
This map can still be used in ETS2.
ETS2 1.40 full dlc
ETS2 1.41 full dlc
ETS2 1.42 full dlc
ETS2 1.43 full dlc
ETS2 1.44 full dlc
ETS2 1.45 full dlc
ETS2 1.46 full dlc
ETS2 1.47 full dlc
ETS2 1.48 full dlc
ETS2 1.49 full dlc
ETS2 1.50 full dlc

For versions 1.49 – 1.50 (1.50 later) use def 1.47 – 1.50

Fatkhul Anam

DOWNLOAD Def_Map_sumatra_Island_ETS2_1.40_-_1.49.rar – 6.2 MB

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