FIX RUSMAP 2.4.9 & ROS13 1.49

I am back with a new minor fix!
This time I have improved the environment near the town of Onega – ROS13 Map:
Reflections of ships in the water
Errors in the length of the terrain
Levitating soldier
Two combat vehicles embedded in the asphalt
Reflections near the shoreline
2 levitating buildings
I have also removed 2 duplicate materials from the RusMap.
The previous fix can (and should) be removed – “Fix_ROS 13 and RM 2.4.8 [1.48-1.49]”
Please see the file description for abbreviated info.
Enjoy the ride!


DOWNLOAD Fix_RusMap2.4.9_ROS13__1.49_.scs – 1.3 MB

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