Zil 157 Rework for the ETS2 version: 1.40. 🙂

– Buy in dealers modification – ZIL.- Added only for ETS2 ver. 1.40.x[red]
– Added new engines for truck.
– Added new FMOD sounds for the truck + a sound fix to it separately.:)
– Added new standard and transmissions for truck.
– The wipers only wipe the rain inside the cabin.
– Fixed steering wheel rotation.
– Added new inventory to the interior + bonus from STEAM.
– Added new exterior lighting for the truck.:)
– Added animation cables for trailers.
– Added a new DX11 UV mask for the metal paint of the truck.:)
– Redesigned external windows (do not open yet).
– Added separately 4 trailers from the trailer dealer – “NEFAZ”
– Fixed it the color of the side and windshields of the cabin in the exterior.:)
– Fixed it the reflection of the paint on the cabin in the exterior.:)
– Removed the unclear mirror on the cabin in the exterior.:)
– Now the truck cabin itself realistically reflects the applied paint in the exterior.:)
– Improved truck lighting in the near and far distance.:)
– On tent trailers “NEFAZ” – the reflecting mirror is removed.:)

Test on version ETS2:
ATTENTION: The mod will only work on version ETS2: 1.40.x and up!!!


DOWNLOAD ZiL-157_RE-Work_ETS2_only_v1.40.x.rar – 84.8 MB

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