WINNA INDI MODPACK V6.143.4.9 1.43

– Added over 80 types and variants of cabin and truck accessories
– Added trailer paintjobs for cisterns and “box” trailers (courtainside, dry freighter, etc.)
– Mirrors FOV
– Map zoom level, colors, and background
– Rebranded one company in France
– Added cargo for Standard (STD), Flatbed Drop Side (FLB), and Food Cistern (FDT) trailers
– Replaced some driver photos (also usable as player image)
– Replaced one company logo

Update 9 April:
Fixed: short dry van trailer paint “Winnica Indi”, container for Winehorn Wine from Winnica Indi (now it is loading not only trailer, but also actual container for it).

Added: new model of mugs, new model of smartphone, new paintjobs for STD trailer, new paintjob for Krone trailers, paintjob for Live Winehorns trailer and new Winehorn species (cargo), toys for seat, bed and dashboard, lamps for truck grills, compatibility for multiple trucks added in mods (cabin and truck accessories should be visible on 45 trucks, including 18 default ETS2).

New models of pillows and cups were introduced. File names (in mod) and item names (in game) were also unified and simplified making everything easier to maintain and expand in future.


DOWNLOAD winna_indi_modpack_v6_143_4_9.rar – 18.6 MB

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