West Balkans Sign Addon Fix v1.0 1.48.5

-Hotfix with less memory and correct because I have fixed sectors (I only include the modified sectors I made)
-File is now optimize to smaller size

Mod is focused on Montenegro, but also I’ve added something in southern Bosna 😀 (Bijelo Polje, Border crossings, Rozaje,Trebinje areas)

improvements in border crossings
-Dobrakovo (SRB/MNE)
-Bozaj (AL/MNE)
-Kula (RKS/MNE)
-Klobuk (BiH/MNE)

Added distance signs, city plates, and custom signs which are in real life in these areas


DOWNLOAD https://modsfire.com/a91rfrS2586zS82

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