Volvo NL12 EDC v1.4.1 1.50

Changes 1.4.1
-Fixed chipped engine information
-Adjustment of the air conditioner position
-Added optional paintable air conditioner
-Added optional sunroof
-Added hydraulic tank
-Added optional deflator (roof and side)

Volvo NL12 EDC
Engines: 360 HP, 360 HP “Chipado”, 410 HP and 410 HP “Chipado”
Chassis: 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4
Transmission: ZF 16 S165 (with original differential), ZF 16 S165 (with MB differential), ZF 12 TX 2420 (non-original) and ZF 16 AS 2630 (non-original)
Skin Template


LS Mods, Cristhian Cardoso


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