UPDATE v.3.0
Full adaptation for 1.39
Bug fixes
New salon (will be finalized in updates)
New big pack of skins!

Ability to select generation FHII-III.
This model was assembled from the best spare parts, you will not find at the race!
Two Globetrotter XL cabs (differ in the presence of a fairing)
Seven chassis options !!!
Your interior with animation.
The track is adapted for 1.39 and supports swapping.
Bake 4K (High quality)
Your sounds!
It is also possible to make your own lightbox and change the number!
Everywhere has its own light mask.
Own wheels included (6 front discs, 2 rear discs. 3 tire options)
Shadows, collision, a separate slot in a / s Volvo.
What about tuning?
Additional Spoler.
Flashing beacons.
Road train sign.
Lightbar on the roof 4 options.
1, 2 options (you can draw your own)
Additional headlights on the visor.
Visor, paint / plastic.
Front mirror.
Ability to remove or put nameplates on the hood.
Hood decals, 6 options.
Grille on the cab, paint / plastic.
FH16 moldings.
Country stickers, 15 options.
Bumper lightbars, 3 options
Lower grill, 4 options.
Number, it is possible to remove or leave only the frame, as well as make your own number.
Bumper mud flaps.
Bumper protection.
Bumper, 4 options.
Headlight protection.
Two optics options.
Additional flashlights.
Side skirts, 3 options.
Mirrors, 2 options.
Door handles, 4 options.
Wings, 2 options.
Side skirts + protection.
Red lights on spoler.
FH3 Visors.
FH3 cladding.
5 choices for glass frame and mirror brackets.
Roof air conditioner.
Signal to the roof.
Side skirts on 6×2 chassis.
Orange horns on all chassis.
Possibility of painting the air intake.
4 types of door handles.

Kirill Krasnoperets(by Trucker)

DOWNLOAD Volvo460FHMegaTruck.7z – 491.4 MB

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