VOLVO FH 2022 UNLOCKED V1.0.5.1 1.48

Changelog v1.0.5.1
added a front mirror in truck dealer and truck desktop

Change log v 1.0.5
– the corner camera now works around the clock (attention! you will lose the front mirror. You will need to visit the nearest service and reselect it again)
– added new skins for standard SCS and Kogel trailers for a kit with the corresponding truck skins and one skin for the truck.
– cabs: sleeper, XL, XXL
– chassis: 4×2 lowdeck, long Lite Pusher, long 8×4, 10×4
– headlight protector
– TV in the interior
– kangaroo bars
– front mudflap
– side windows wind deflector
– slots for various lights
– working tachograph in the upper part of the cab
– new sideskirts with radars



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