VOLVO FH 2013 V03.12.19 1.36.X

Hello Ohaha fans, I’ve been updated this long time and several times for my private use and now I tought to share it.
I’m not modder so please don’t ask any new content!
Mostly I’ve used SCS FH2012 data & files and in game file converter to get this together.
Note that I’ve Cabin accessory dlc and you should propably have it too!
Here it is.
v1.35-1.36 Standalone

– Wheels not included. Lights not included.
– This is a standalone version.
– Do not re-upload.
– The official SCS forum is the only place I provide support for this mod.
– To activate the tandem trailers, you need the additional mod.

Updated 1.35:
– dealers EU & UK working
– wipers works with 3 speed
– air pressure & brake pressure works
– every chassis, weight & height, added adblue tank 100L, 8×4 2nd axle steering
– .pmx files updated
– SCS paintjobs working, execpt 8×4 chassis optional tank. You can only use paintjobs you own!
– SCS FH2012 transmissions working & gears changes faster, added fictional 8 speed DC and made ATO3512 DC version too
– added many SCS cabin toys, only what you own works.
– ALL reverse lights have 15m range
– something else I don’t remember now?

– truck SCS Software
– tweaks, additions and rebuilt parts ohaha
– tandem variant based on Flemming V’s mods.
– 1.35-1.36 update metpei


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