VOLVO F88 D100A ENGINE ADDON 1.35 – 1.36

D100A engine addon for Volvo F88 by XBS (1.4.1) for 1.35/1.36

What it adds:
– 185 hp (677 nm) D100A engine with unique settings including torque curves (70 km/h loaded, 90 km/h max)
– R-60 and SR-61 transmissions with 5.58 and 6.14 differentials
– fixing tachometer animation

If you are using any other addons for Volvo F88, place this one above them

Also it rewrites sound setting files, so sound mods for Volvo F88 might not work
If you have your F88 sound disappeared, do next:
1) go to def/vehicle/truck/sound of the mod which is replacing it directory
2) find exterior.sii and interior.sii
3) open these text files with some notepad and find a line
suitable_for[]: “”
4) from a new line add
suitable_for[]: “”
to make it look like
suitable_for[]: “”
suitable_for[]: “”
5) do this in both exterior.sii and interior.sii

PikPikker, XBS


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