VAZ 2108 21.03.22 1.43

Adapted to 1.43
Fixed Sound
Fixed minor bugs

VAZ-2108 – a three-wheeled passenger hatchback developed at the Volga Automobile Plant in the late 70s, the car was radically different from the Volga classics and other cars from the times of the USSR.

The designers of the VAZ plant designed a new car from scratch, the body shape received chopped features a la “Chisel”, which corresponded to the spirit of the times, and most importantly, the front-wheel drive scheme was finally implemented.

VAZ-2108 from ETS2 completely repeats the shape of a real car

The developers recreated a short-winged figure-eight with a low panel, the authors used a good 3D model and HQ quality textures. The original interior was implemented, 1 engine was added, 5 tbsp. Gearbox, 2 types of wheels, 2 types of tires, and two types of headlights.

Danya Shevchuk, Fenix
Authors of corrections: AJIEHA, Funyash

DOWNLOAD VAZ-2108.scs – 54.1 MB

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