URAL 6464 1.36

– Changed the size of the fenders for standard tires and wheels
– Changed the position of the author’s tires and disks, fixed their shadows and edited their textures
– Changed and fixed the shadow
– Inactive cables were removed and active cables were installed, approximately as they were installed on the original
– The saddle is slightly lowered under the trailers
– Slightly edited the mats
– Added support for advanced coupling
– Added two types of mudguards to the rear fenders
– Added the unpainted side skirts
– Added slots on the roof and beacons
– In tuning, only one bucket is left on the rear overhang.

Internal change:
– added the curtains of a sleeping bag
– added a blanket with a pillow.
– new logos are drawn on the steering wheel and gearbox.
– additional modes of wipers are registered.

The truck is purchased at the DAF showroom

Original authors: JAWA, Stas556, Mishanka, Artem Abbasov, A. M. Tomas.
Author of adaptation under 1.36: vasja555
Editor’s note: Gray striped

DOWNLOAD https://modsfire.com/M9Cjc92dPRtIprr

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  1. JazzGuru says:

    Really hoping this awesome truck can be updated for 1.37, as the previous versions just cause a crash… ?

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