Truck Map for Brazil (South America) v5.2 by EAA Team 1.36.x

Map of Brazil EAA NORMAL v5.2 for Ets2 1.36.x game version
(Updated in 07.12.2019)

The most grandiose update of the map for 10 years of its existence in the game!

This version works only on Ets2 1.36.x game version …

New Changelog in v5.2:
+10.000 Km of New roads:
Route 30 Peru Interoceanic Highway – From Assis Brasil (Acre) to Nazca (Peru)
Route 3 Peru – From Juliaca to Cusco
Route 11 Argentina – From Assumption to Santa Fe
Route 12/14 Argentina – From Zarate to Gualeguaychu
Route 2 Argentina – From Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata
Route 228/3 Argentina – From Mar del Plata to Bahia Blanca
Route 22/237/40 Argentina – From Bahia Blanca to Bariloche
Route 5 Argentina – From Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa – 615 Km
Route 35/154 Argentina – From Santa Rosa to Ruta 22 (La Adela)
Route 40/231/215 Argentina / Chile – From Bariloche to Osorno
Route 5 – Panamericana Sur Chile – From Santiago to Quelon
Route 68 Chile – From Santiago to Valparaiso
Route 152 Chile – From Chillan to Concepcion

45 New Cities:
– San Bernardo (Chile) – Figurative City
– Rancágua (Chile)
– Curicó (Chile)
– Talca (Chile)
– Linares (Chile)
– Chillan (Chile)
– Concepcion (Chile)
– Los Angeles (Chile)
– Temuco (Chile)
– Osorno (Chile)
– Puerto Montt (Chile)
– Pargua (Chile)
– Chacao (Chile) – Figurative City
– Ancud (Chile)
– Castro (Chile)
– Quellon (Chile)
– Chivilcoy (Argentina)
– Nueve de Julio (Argentina)
– Trenque Lauquen (Argentina) – Figurative City
– Catriló (Argentina)
– Santa Rosa (Argentina)
– Ataliva Roca (Argentina)
– Peru (Argentina) – Figurativa
– Rio Colorado (Argentina) – Figurative City
– Choele Choel (Argentina)
– General Roca (Argentina)
– Neuquen (Argentina)
– San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina)
– Chascomus (Argentina)
– Dolores (Argentina)
– Las Armas (Argentina)
– Coronel Vidal (Argentina)
– Mar del Plata (Argentina)
– Necochea (Argentina)
– Tres Arroyos (Argentina)
– Bahia Blanca (Argentina)
– Gualeguaychu (Argentina)
– Reconquista (Argentina)
– Resistencia (Argentina)
– Formosa (Argentina)
– Clorinda (Argentina) – Figurative City
– Puerto Maldonado (Peru)
– Marcapata (Peru) – Figurative City
– Cusco (Peru)
– Puquio (Peru)

– Revised and improved all the road of Rio Branco to Assis Brasil (No more Alpha road)
– Revised and improved all the road of Santa Fe to Buenos Aires (No more Alpha road)
– Revised and improved all the road from Buenos Aires to Mendoza (No more Alpha road)
– Reduild all the road from Mendoza to Los Andes (New Caracoles Coast)
– Added weigh station in Dutra highway near Resende (not functional yet)
– Bus traffic inside the Rio de Janeiro Bus Station
– Rebuild Buenos Aires city
– Ferry linking Buenos Aires to Montevideo (Optional use, since in real life there is no ferry for trucks)
– Each South America countries with your licence plate
– Hundreds of miscellaneous fixes

Tested on Ets2 game version.

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