I tried as good as possible to recreate the traffic,
especially at rush hours between 6 and 10 am and between 16 and 19 pm.
There may be traffic jams at highway entrances and exits, at construction sites and road constrictions,
Accidents as well as traffic jams in the cities at traffic circles and intersections.
Furthermore, I have the intensity of the traffic mod divided into 4 levels ( Low , Medium , High, Ultra )
so there should be something for everyone. The mod is for 1.41+ and all DLC’s. I have tested it on the standard map as well as on the Promods as well as
with the trailer pack from Promods. Other AI Packs , ( except my private ) , and especially the one from Jazzycat,
have not been tested by me yet, but should work.
Attention the higher the traffic level is the more likely it is that it can come to load jerks.
As loading order I use first the map mod (if desired) and directly after the traffic mod all other mods behind the traffic mod and
decides in which intensity he should be used and activates this dan in the mod folder.
Unzip file and move any traffic mod in the mod folder.

Updated to v1.41


DOWNLOAD cover_traffic-mod-by-asacon-01_B.jpg – 643 KB

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