→ compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.46).
→ Advanced Model Quality
→ Door and Glass Animations.
→ Improved camera angles.
→ Temsa original and Steel wheels.
→ Personalized customization options.
→ more than 14+ pcs, real firm coatings.
→ Realistic physics.
→ Realistic Sounds.
→ Realistic Mirror Angles
→ 10K quality company coatings.
→ Realistic Surface Textures.
→ Realistic Seats.
→ Real Numbered Ghost Indicator.
→ Low Chassis Option.
→ actual pricing and fuel consumption percentage.
→ MirrorEye(beta) – Horn Mirror Option.
→ Variation, Customizable Led signage.
→ Interior Lighting
→ FPS friendly, low polygon mode, slots, and removable parts can be used for even more FPS boost.
→ Interior Animations

→ Compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.46x) version.
→ Enhanced model Quality
→ Door and windows Animations.
→ Improved camera angles.
→ Temsa original steel wheels.
→ Personalized customization options.
→ Realistic Sounds.
→ Realistic Mirror Angles.
→ 10K Quality Body Paints.
→ Realistic Surface Textures.
→ Real Digital Dashboard.
→ Low Deck Option.
→ Real Pricing and Diesel Consumption Percentage.
→ MirrorEyE Version(beta).
→ Varies, Customizable Led Signage.
→ Interior Lighting.
→ FPS Friendly, Low Polygon Mod, Slots and Detachable Parts, Even More FPS Increase Can Be Provided.
→ Interior Animations.
→ More than 14+ real company skins.
→ Realistic physics.

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→ Project Owner: Peron in the House.
→ Model: Yağız Bakırcı & Evdaki Peron.
→ Coating & Flowing to the Game: The Platform in the House.
→Reworked By BDMods Technology

Who contributed;
→ Project Owner: Evdeki Peron.
→ Model: Yağız Bakırcı & Evdeki Peron.
→ Coating & Convert the Game: Evdeki Peron.

ReworkedBy BDMods Technology

DOWNLOAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBY771Kydzk&feature=youtu.be

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