TAA BY SNOWY MOON V10.2.0 1.50

A high qualityand high performance time antialiasing (TAA) solution has been implemented,aswell as DLSS/DLAA support for NVIDIAGPUs. Shadowand SSA Oimprovements Settings: Press the “END”or”CTRL+P” key toopen the gamemenu.TAA Clarity-reduce TAAblur * TAAClarity is designed for people who want to get less blurry and clearerresults,closeto the resultwithoutsmoothing, for example,forVRusers.SharpenEdges-adjust the sharpnessforalignededgeswhenusingTAAClarity/+.TAAlevel-Thehigher,thesmootherFXAAis the 2ndsmoothingmethodtoimproveedgesT.Shadow-Preventsshadows from flickeringUsewithReShadeYoucanalsousethismethodwithanyothermod/pluginusingdxgi.dll.Create a foldernamed”reshade”in the “bin\win_x64″folder.Placeall the files of ReShade(oranyothermod/plugin)in the folder”bin\win_x64\reshade”orselect the folder”bin\win_x64\reshade”in the ReShadeinstaller.For the ETS21.50version of the game, ATS1.50

Snowy Moon

DOWNLOAD taa_v10_2_0_snowymoon.io.zip – 4.6 MB

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  1. Karlo says:

    this mod is have a trojan virus my 360 total security is detected

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