Swap Body Carrier Chassis Pack Hotfix v1.5.4 1.50

< Hotfix >
-Fixed a visual glitch in the DAF XF 2021 model.

Included / Supported truck chassis:
-Mercedes-Benz Actros 2014
-Mercedes-Benz New Actros (Dotec)
-MAN TGX: Euro5/Euro6,Gloover/2020
-Scania R 2009
-Scania Streamline
-Scania Next Gen 2016 S & R
-Mercedes-Benz Actros 2019 [Mod]
-DAF XF: Euro 6/2021
-DAF XG/XG+ 2021


DOWNLOAD https://modsfire.com/2o8MvLZr8Z3733v

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