Southern Poland 1.41

This is a fix update that fixes some bugs on the map.

Changes in v1.4.1:
– Some corrected signs
– Overall corrected of all available map places
– Bug fix

All DLC (in addition to the Iberia DLC), ProMods 2.56 and Poland Rebuilding 2.5.1 are required for the map to work. The map is an overlay for PM and PR, therefore a map update for a different version of the game will be issued when the two maps needed for action come out.

The mod should be placed above the maps in the mod manager (above all PR and PM).

The required game version is: 1.41x

Special thanks to:
Poland Rebuilding Team – models
ProMods – models

Please send any errors or tips to my e-mail: [email protected]

It is forbidden to share the mod on other forums. Provide the original link I uploaded!

Feel free to download and admire the beautiful Polish climate on the map.



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