Changelog V2.3
Update for 1.42

The pack contains:
Both standalone trailers and stock trailers
– 100 different refrigerated trailers;
– 80 different tilt trailers;
– 20 different Box trailers;
– 40 different container trailers;
– 10 different tanks;
– 10 different trailers of glass carriers;
– 10 different low loader trailers;
– 1 trailer loader;
– 1 with an onboard platform of the trailer;
– Lifting axles;
– Spelled out in traffic.

Trailers: SCS: Base trailers Kamaz: Rebuild of flatbed trailer Bora: Rebuild of almost all trailers. Wheels: Kamaz: Tyre, rim Ventures: High poly wheel for texture rendering Bora: Rim, hub. Textures: SCS: Basic textures Google: Light, reflector textures Good-Year: Tyre textures Jegge: Skins, licenseplates Nordish: Skins, licenseplates Kaeseschuh: Skins Edobeted: Skins Reyhan: Skins Arnook: Skins MrAnthony: Skins Kamaz: AO texture, Reskins of Truck transport trailer Bora: Skins, AO texture

DOWNLOAD SCS-Trailer_Patch_V2.3.scs – 235.3 MB

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