Schwarzmüller Dumpers & Tippers skinpack for SCS trailers + Muddy and dirty skins 1.45

This mod contains the following Schwarzmüller paintjobs:

Black-Red (Steel)
White-Black (Steel)
Old logo (Steel)
White-Black (Aluminium)
Red with big logo (Aluminium)
Black-Red (Big Aluminium)

Each of those contain a muddy/dirty version!
(The mod is completely free, but on gumroad)



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4 Responses

  1. Toadette says:

    Why this mod is paid?

  2. Toad says:

    Shut up. This mod is free, but someone put it on the Gumroad.

  3. To says:

    It is free, you can write 0 euro there.

  4. Toadette says:

    Thank you, Mr. To. I know this is free, but I need to pay on Gumroad.
    Let me someone put the Sharemods link in there.

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