V8 engine open pipe sound mod for the stock SCS Scania R and Streamline trucks, RJL “R and T” and Fred’s Scania.

-V.12.0 : 2020/10/21
modified under load samples and add new definition for patch 1.39.
improved air brakes sounds, tires/bearings sounds, wind sound.

-V.11.0 : 2020/04/19
Sound mod has been rebuild from scratch with new samples and with FMod for patch 1.38+

-V.10.5 : 2017/12/21 Updated sound mod, improved low and high revs’s of the sound.
Updated definitions for the retarder in the new patch 1.30+
-improved air brakes sounds, tires/bearings sounds, wind sound in cab.

-V.10.0 : initial release

Bimo Wahyu Saputro

DOWNLOAD 139_ver.scs – 2.9 MB

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