Dealer Scania
3 cabs
Many chassis
Own interior (many options)
Cable support
Support DLC Cabin Accessories
Many tuning


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3 Responses

  1. Englchen says:

    Das ist ein paymod der den nicht verkauft und nicht zum Download ist hier

  2. Scaniafan1986 says:

    When I try to download, pop-ups are shown. I’m using my Lenovo laptop because my Dell Optiplex 755 is unable to run the latest version of ETS2. However, ETS2 crashes on my laptop, I tried also ATS and it still crash, missing drivers? I’m running Windows 10 but if I try to install Windows 11 it needs the verification code but I don’t know my code. However, I’m unable to install Windows 7 without a installation disc and a CD-ROM drive. This laptop is very damaged, you know anything, it gets very hot and fans are extremely loud while gaming, Minecraft crashes just after start, the laptop is not getting to sleep because it wakes up automatically, maybe missing drivers. Conclusion: This laptop is trash and will be thrown for scrap and I’ll be using an old 486 computer with DOS and Windows 3.11. DOS games are better than those of Minecraft and ETS2. As you’ve expected, ETS2 and ATS are based on the same engine, and they crash on my laptop. I tried even the oldest versions of Minecraft and it still crashed. Dan was the one who broke my laptop, I was trying to tell Andrew that the laptop must be repaired, he called the IT Hank but he told Andrew that my laptop is OK, I even told Anna, but she was so busy so she didn’t call the IT. I was talking to my mom Catherine and my brother Peter about my laptop being thrown for scrap. Remember when Catherine said that her phone is for scrap? Peter has invited his girlfriend Emma to play but they played without me, maybe because Peter hates me.
    However, my laptop is unable to run Windows XP, but I don’t have a Windows XP installation disc and my laptop does not have a CD-ROM drive. I’m trying to find an external desktop-size DVD burner, however I see only laptop DVD drives. I hate laptop drives, mostly because of the limited CD speed only to 24x instead of 48x for DVD drives or 52x for CD drives. As you can see, Lenovo makes the worst laptops.
    – Steve Wilson

  3. Scaniafan1986 says:

    my longest comment ever

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