Changes in v5.6:
– Adapted to the latest game patch 1.43;
– custom sound attenuation config for a realistic sound isolation in the cabin (ETS2 1.43 only!)
– new turbo samples
– added turbo blowoff-effect at certain rpms
– new engine brake sounds
– small changes & volume optimizations in all sound tracks

Scania NextGen I6 Sound – this mod change default sound mod from Scania NextGen with a new more realistic and improved. With Version 4, the whole sound got completely redone. I re-recorded every sound on multiple Next Generation Scanias in reallife and did my best to make the most realistic Scania sound for you! I´ve added lots of small details and features that you may not hear in other sound mods, for example realistic window sounds, a warning tone when turning off the engine without parking brake and much more.

Features Scania NextGen I6 Sound:
– realistic engine start sound interior/exterior
– realistic idle sound interior
– realistic engine off sound exterior
– added warning sound when turning off engine in the interior
– all sticks and switches recorded and added into the game
– real blinker sound
– authentic air-gear and air-brake sounds
– compatible and with @Eugene´s SCANIA P/G/R/S

Max2712, Kriechbaum

DOWNLOAD SCANIA_NG_I6_sound_mod_by_Max2712_V5.6.scs – 8.2 MB

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