SCANIA G420 8X2 V1.0

1) Is compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.35 and 1.36) version.
2) There Are 3 Engine Sounds.
3) 2 Interior Options Are Available.
4) Optional Front Bumper Is Available.
5) Optional Front Grille Is Available.
6) Optional Front Grille Edges Are Available.
7) Optional Windscreen Frame Is Available.
8) Optional Windscreen Foil Is Available.
9) Optional Front Scania Logo Is Available.
10) Optional Front Bumper Reflector Is Available.
11) Option Blinds Are Available.
12) Side Window Windscreen With Option Is Available.
13) Optional Cabin Lighting Is Available.
14) Optional Rear Decor Plate Is Available.
15) Optional Rear Body Sheet Is Available.
16) Option Stop Is Available.
17) Optional Steering Is Available.
18) Custom Adjustable Ad Skins Are Available.

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Harun Aras, Berkay Pekesen, Erdem Kuzey, Alperen Akyüz, Berat Afşin, Yavuz Ergen

DOWNLOAD Scania_G420_Paylasim_Kskli.rar – 157.6 MB

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