Romania Map 1:1 v0.1 1.50

This map contains 6 main cities: Galați, Brăila, Slobozia, Măcin, Insurăței, Țăndărei.
And other villages like: Vărsătura, Lacu Sărat, Chiscani, Unirea, Tichilești, Albina, Valea Cânepii, Lanurile, Viziru, Bărăganul, Iazu, Scânteia.

All map DLCs required (Road to the Black Sea, Balkan West, Iberia, Going East, Italia, Vive le France, Baltic, Scandinavia)
No mod activation order
Tick Real Fuel Consumption in settings
Change in settings Road Events to 100%

bogdan, mihaitza, Flavx._.3, Ionut, Todor Alin , Laurentiu, MariusTLC


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