– added lower angels morts sticker for sleeper cabin
– added removeable spoiler for both cabins
– added turbo compound side badge for sleeper cabin
– added painted side badge for sleeper cabin
– added white and orange side reflector badge for sleeper cabin
– added lighted front intake grill
– added led bar with orange and white light
– added closed front chassi intake with inbuild led bar
– added front grill lightbox with orange and white lightmask
– added custom roof lightbox with orange and white lightmask
– added trux highway bullbar painted and black
– added new corner deflectors
– added sideskirts 4×2 by Dietrich Trucks
– added painted sideskirts for swapbody chassis
– added hella kled and hella kled rebell
– added first gen engines
– added alcantara seats
– added alcantara trim
– added alcantara steering wheel
– added alcantara dashboard filling
– added bedding
– added middle floor carpet
– added interior tables
– added interior elements which use truckpaint
– added living single driver cabin by Dietrich Trucks
– adjusted drl with lowbeams activated its more dimmed
– adjusted engines turbo compound badges only appear with tc engines
– adjusted truck model to make it pre-gen ready
– reworked bycool slimfit model exterior and interior
– reworked entire interiors
– reworked carpets

For version 1.50



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