This is a mod that revises the drive train for stock Renault Magnum and Premium
It adds new engines with realistic parameters, gearboxes with realistic ratios and naming and icons

The mod contains:
Euro 5/EEV:
DXi11 for Premium
DXi13 for Magnum

Euro 6:
DTI 11 for Range T
DTI 13 for Range T
DE 11 for Range T
DE 13 for Range T
DE 13 TC for Range T

ZF Ecosplit
Optidriver (I-Shift)
Gearboxes that can be paired realistically with engines.
All of the gearboxes have multiple ratios. Default ratios should be the best for normal operations, but others are available.

Gearbox naming follows this recipe:
ZF 12 AS 2131 DD
12 – Number of gears in the box
AS/S – The type of the gearbox (Automatic/Manual)
21 – Max torque that gearbox can handle
3 – revision of the gearbox
0/1 – No/Retarder
DD/OD – Direct/Over Drive

Optidrive ATO2612D
AT(O)/MT(O) – Automatic(Overdrive)/Manual(Overdrive)
26 – Max torque that gearbox can handle
12 – Number of gears in the box
D – revision of the gearbox

Adjusting the sound:
1) Open the mod and go to the engines you wish to change in “\def\vehicle\truck\*TRUCK YOU ARE ADJUSTING THE SOUND FOR*\engine”
2) Locate the sound data line that looks like “sound: “/sound/truck/*SOUND BANK NAME*.bank”
3) Change the *SOUND BANK NAME* to what the sound modder named his sound bank.
4) Save and repack the mod
5) Make sure the drivetrain mod loads after the sound mod!

Change Log:
1.0:Original mod
1.1:Transmission name clean up for 1.26

Realistic engine brake/retarter positions
1.3:Added engines and transmission for Renault T by Polatli Mods Team
1.4:Added Engine Badges for Renault T by Polatli Mods Team
1.5:Added fuel consumption coefficient for Euro 6 engines
1.6:Updated torque curve for Euro 6 engines

Added newest gearboxes with multiple dif ratios
Added sound files to fix missing retarder sound
Added auxiliary lines for Range T

1.7:Bug fixes
Added auxiliary lines for Magnum and Premium

Renaming of Optidriver to correspond with real life
1.8:Use of shift time line for automatic transmissions
1.9:New Icons
1.10:Adjusted icons for patch 1.32
1.12:Updated transmissions

Added support for SCS Renault T
1.13:Added Optidriver XTENDED AT2613F gearboxes

Added reverse crawler gear for existing Optidriver XTENDED gearboxes
1.14:Update for patch 1.37
1.15:Update for patch 1.39
1.16:Added turbo compound engines
1.17:Added DE11 and DE13 engines

Renault Drivetrain Revision:

Version for use with Schumis rework only:




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