– The cab suspension stroke is set;
– Damping of the cab suspension;
– Lateral stability of the cab;
– Maximum tilt angles of the cab forward/backward, as well as roll;
– Damping and running of the truck and trailer suspension;
– The stiffness of the lateral stability;
– Coefficient of longitudinal and lateral sliding of wheels;
– Strength and intensity of the brake system of the truck and trailer;
– Maximum heating temperature of the brake pads and their wear;
– Redesigned transmission;
– Redesigned accelerator pedal;
– Adjusted air resistance;
– Changed the angle of rotation of the front wheels;
– Redesigned and configured pneumatic seat;

Alex Kazak

DOWNLOAD Physics_truck_for_ETS_2_by_Alex_Kazak_v_0.2.5.rar – 3.9 MB

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