Projects Imagination Map 1.5 Update ( 1.35 FULL DLC )

– This mod runs on version 1.35 Full DLC (I haven’t tried another version, but maybe you can try it first: b, but remember, full DLC is mandatory!)
– This map is just a map created by imagination, the name of the city, the atmosphere of the city, everything is just my imagination.
– City names (Cianjur and Bandung) are only for the initial map making test, and I haven’t had the chance to change the names.
– Start in any city is up to you.
– Special Transport DLC is not yet available.

What’s new in 1.5?

– New town (Northern)
– Fixed terrain gaps
– Improved visibility for some models
– Fixed some annoying bugs
– New path
– New model
– New random event on the way
– New great Spot Screenshot.

Want to drive more fun? use a big trailer truck, and drive from Cianjur to Northen, if possible without toll roads to make it more attractive

Galih Raditya


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