PETERBILT 567 V1.2.40 1.40

Changelog v1.2.40

Update for 1.40

Provisional corrections made
– Reflection of Rearview Mirrors
– Reflection of front rear-view mirrors
– Headlight lighting according to SCS definitions for ATS version 1.40

Known issues that have not been resolved
-Partly corrected glass reflections, which can be played satisfactorily.
-Chromed internal aspects, appearing to be lifeless. Not solved.
– Standalone.
– 2 cabins
– Different types of chassis
– Own interior, + 2 default from Peterbilt 579
– Beauty, has many own skins
– Big tuning
– SISL cable and pack support
– Compatible with DLC SCI steering wheel
– Compatible with sound pack v2.7 from Kriechbaum
– Compatible with Smarty wheel pack
– Template

GTM Team
Wolfi, SiSL, 50keda, SCS – model
Natvander – registration, technical support
DaStig, Sabr, Natvander, Wolfi – skins, UV Mapping / template for skins
SiSL – compatibility with accessories
Carl1992 beta test
Update for 1.40 JamesKirk


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