Nicolas Tractomas TR8X8 + Multi-axle Line Large Load Trailer

Nicolas Tractomas TR8X8:

High detailed model

Two types of tires ;

Tuning options ;

Transmission options with different gear ratios;

Engine details in the engine bay.

Multi-axle Line Large Load Trailer:

Nuclear Power Plant Seals Cargo;

Heavy Locomotive Cargo;

Large Transformer Cargo;

Casting Propylene Tower Cargo;

Large Hydro Generator Turbine Cargo.



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2 Responses

  1. Toad says:

    Cool mod. But why you are posting it on Gumroad? I hate gumroad. I don’t trust it. Gumroad is shit. On gumroad I have to pay but I don’t have money. This mod costs about 285 USD (1378.89 PLN, likely because I live in Poland, as Toadette lives in United Kingdom, where the mod costs 252.08 GBP, this mod costs 288.93 EUR in most of Europe, and 42.077 JPN in Japan). I have only 107.51 PLN but this mod costs 1378.89 PLN!!! My dad says that I don’t have enough money, mom has 509.65 PLN but she also does not have money, but dad has 1618.49 PLN, so he has money. My sister from UK named Toadette always has lots of money, she has about 111,889,250 GBP (126,500,000 USD, 128,245,700 EUR, 612,032,300 PLN or 18,676,460,000 yens).

  2. NitroxNick says:

    I have NO idea what you’re smoking to get that math but you’re completely incorrect. Gumroad allows you to pay what you want as long as you pay the minimum of what the author asks. The minimum is 19 USD, which is 18.72 EUR, 15.76 GBP, 85.98 PLN, and 2650.55 JPN. Really have no clue what you’re reading where the mod costs over 10x that amount, but it sure isnt this.

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