– Updated to 1.50
– Skin texture system changed.
– Added air conditioning sound. (Adjusted with turbo sound)
– Added road noise sound.
– Added whistle horn sound.
– Added custom interior flags for company skins.
– Front LED sign changed to scrolling type.
– Texture optimization done.

Project Owner: Heavy Vehicles Turkey / HVT
Model: İsmail Arslan
Edit and Convert: Harun Aras (KskLi1453), Mustafa Dağdelen
Other 3D Models: Emin Doğuş Güraksın
Coverings: Emin Doğuş Güraksın
Skin: Furkan Kısacık – Berkant Terzi
Sound: Max2712 – zeemod – EVR

DOWNLOAD Neoplan_Cityliner_1_50_X_KskLi1453.7z – 541.2 MB

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