MAZ 9758-30XX V1.2

MAZ 9758-30xx on-Board semi-trailer
Possibility to assemble 2 models of the tent (975830-3012 and 975830-3021).

– Fully baked.
– Lightmask
– Bought into the property.
– Cable support.
– There is tuning:
– Frame (3 colors)
– Body (3 colors)
– 2 rear bumper views (new and old)
– 2 types of awning (awning with a gate, fully awned with a side)
– Wings (separate and 2 wings front and rear)
– Reflective strips on the Board and awning.
– You can paint the tent and draw skins on it.
– Tank protection 2 options.

– Fixed materials for correct operation on new versions of the game.
– Changes in the registration of the trailer.
– Added several skins of real transport companies(KIT, Sovtransavto, Autotrading)
– Other fixes.

The template is attached in the archive

DESKPRO, Igor Samson, Ventyres, Gaykov

DOWNLOAD _______975830-30xx.scs – 25.0 MB

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