MAPA RBR 5.7 1.44

Map of Brazil, no new profile needed, works with the Europe module, this version is in place of Europe
The map is detailed and interesting with its realistic landscapes, roads and interchanges
Big beautiful cities, lots of different roads and a variety of exciting mountain serpentines
The map looks more realistic EAA

74 cities and more than 187 companies have been added to the map

Along the highway, many urban-type settlements, parking lots, gas stations, service stations, weighing stations, etc. have been added

A variety of interesting companies, bus stations
The map includes its trailers and cargo, as well as passengers
90 cargo (including passengers)
More than 50 different trailers.

Map updated for version 1.44

RBR Team


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6 Responses

  1. BR_Jordan says:

    So basically i’ve downloaded it but when I press “play” on ETS2 it crashes.
    I feel like there’s some files missing. If not can someone tell me a fix? Thanks.

  2. NoNameGuy says:

    I tried using it on my ets2 but it crashed…

  3. Sim, Baixei tbm.. e estão faltando, Mapa RBR Vehicles, arquivo scs “sem Europa”; Mapa RBR scania 111; Mapa prefab 2 e 1; Mapa Model 9 e 8; Mapa RBR 112 113; todos esses não tem nos arquivos rar parte 1 parte 2 e parte 3… Lamentavel

  4. sonyk says:

    stesso problema sipuo aggiungere uno schema per capire come mettere in sequenza i file?

  5. kenyx_tv says:

    Bonjour crash en boucle possible avoir l ordre des mods

  6. bruno says:

    não funciona

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