MAPA EAA V6.2 1.41

Changes 6.2
– Sugar highway and Marshal Rondon – Campinas A Botucatu
– Realistic Campinas Bus Road
– Remodeling of Campinas
– Remodeling of the Anhanguera Highway in Crossia by Campinas and Jundiaí
– Remodeling at the entruncture of the Anhanguera highway and Dom Pedro I highway
– New access to Campinas by the judicial city
– Reinfect stretch of Londrina to Maringá
– Changed model of the city of Londrina
– Realistic Londrina Bus Road
– Mariana City – MG React
– Road of Mariana – MG Realistic
– Added Congonhas City – MH
– Remodeling of the White Castle Highway of Sorocaba to Botucatu
– Restibly of BR-060/153 between Goiania and Brasilia
– Improvements in the city of Anápolis – GO (trunks and access to city)
– Realistic Brasilia Road
– Realistic goiania bus station
– Improvements in access to the city of Goainia
– Addition of Serra Dourada Stadium in Goiania
– Improvements in the way Epia that crossed brasilia
– Addition of CEASA – Brasilia (standard DLC Iberia)
– support point “Italians” in Soledade-RS
– Fixed the “flying asphalt” of Messiah-AL and several other problems pointed out by the community.

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EAA Team

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