Map of North Brazil v4.0 (1.36.x)

Features Brazil North Map v4.0:
– Free map with 140 cities of North Brazil according to updated project;
– Improvements and optimization in all existing cities;
– 03 giant weight for inspection of player load and traffic.
– Extreme road optimization and landscaping for fps gain;
– Improvements in adapting cities to the map using g-point;
– Removal of excess objects within cities;
– Lighting replacement in several cities;
– Extreme Optimization of Vegetation on Dirt Roads (excellent SPF gain);
– Various bug and bug fixes;
– New ferries for crossing along the stretch;
– Removal of excess quagmire on several stretches of dirt roads;
– New layout of highways and dirt roads for better suitability;
– Revision and new layout of several cities and capitals;

Tested on game version

If you came here to play on my map, download the original link on my youtube channel,
because besides being the original of my work,
You help me keep it up and also subscribe to the channel to strengthen it.

Reinaldo Souza

DOWNLOAD Mapa_Norte_Brasil_4.0_By_Reinaldo_Souza.rar – 761.1 MB

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