MAP OF ALTAI V1.5 1.46

Map of Altai, which was developed for 6 months.
The map can work both on its own module and on the Europe module, but not on this release.

The whole map has been rebuilt, all cities have been expanded from Aleysk to Barnaul, a road to Berdsk has been added, Cherepanovo has been added, optimization has been improved, bugs have been fixed, some ugly 3D objects have been reworked, the mileage of the map has been increased, a crossing has been added from the city of Kale to Barnaul, now it has become easier to get on the map , the road to Zarinsk was added, the village of Bochkari was added, the village of Smolenskoye was added, Belokurikha was added.

We worked on the map – Igromania TV, Legasy Maksimka helped.
————————————————– —
Above the models – Alexander Nesterov (author of ETS2 Volga Map / Volga Roads),
Victoria Winter (author of models for SibirMap 2.0),
Artem Kuznetsov,
Sergey Bannikov (one of the authors of RUS MAP).
————————————————– —
Over help in mastering the editor – Author Kirov.
————————————————– —
And also special thanks to the Author Kirov (Non-dimensional channel or Alex free) and
(Legasy Maksimka – Author of Belgorod).
————————————————– —
Optimized by Legasy
Maksimka(author Belgorod map).
————————————————– —
The main critics of the map without which the quality of the map would stand still and not grow
Valery 10avoid (author of SibirMap 2.0)
(Legasy Maksimka – Author of Belgorod)
Vyacheslav – (author of the project ProjectOmskObl | Project of the Omsk Region 1k3)


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