Low deck improved chassis for RJL Scania’s by Sogard3 v1.6 1.48

Changelog v1.6:
– New shorter chassis 3550mm WB.
– Added V8 E6 fueltanks(Only available for 3750mm WB chassis).
– Reworked all fueltanks and added correct size in liters.
– Added fueltanks and sideskirts for the new chassis.
– Added shorter rear mudflaps.
– Added rear bumper with wheel chocks.
– Added v2 spoiler for Topline cabin.
– Added raised spoilers for RS Normal cabin.
– Added black trailer cables.
– Corrected ui shadow.

For RJL’s Scania R&S, R4, P4, P&G


DOWNLOAD https://modsfire.com/p3eNg2wYZePs8wl

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