KRAZ 255-258 ETS2 + BONUS ONLY 1.40.X

KrAZ is autonomous, does not replace anything, a modification of KRAZ is purchased at dealers.
The truck has a 6×6, 6×4 chassis and a tandem chassis.
Accessories in the cab and external tuning.
Your wheels.
Added spiral cables with physics.
The tractor with a 6×4 chassis and road tires is registered in a separate slot as well as the KrAZ 258.
There is no advanced coupling with standard trailers.

New sounds in FMOD format.
Added new gearboxes.
New engines with tuned torque.
Now Kraz has its own new camera :)!
Fixed the physics of glass reflection inside the interior.
Fixed metal reflection physics inside the interior + added realism.
Added a new lighting format for the truck.
Added new inventory to the interior + bonus from STEAM.
Unfortunately, there is no window animation!? 🙁
Adaptation to the new version of ETS2 : [orange] – 1.40.x and higher!

Adaptation and Fixed: MaxX_Agent.

Sound FMOD: MaxX_Agent.

DOWNLOAD KraZ_255-258_ETS2_only_v1.40.x.rar – 294.4 MB

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