KAMAZ 5490-65206(NEO) V2.8 ETS2 (UPD: 2023/11/09) V1.48.X

The mod is divided into two KamAZ 5490 and 65206,
Each Kamaz has 3 cabs and 7 types of chassis.
Each cabin has its own set of skins.
Sold by a dealer of KamAZ modifications or a Mercedes dealer.
4 wiper modes.
There is animation of both windows.
Work in multiplayer is guaranteed.
There is support for advanced coupling.

Latest changes in v2.6:
Adaptation for version 1.48.x
Updated sounds for all engines.
The game log has been cleared to 100% (percent).

Lacoste36, Bruh_ma, Valera Rusakov.
Author of adaptation to 1.48: @MaxX_Agent@.
Author of the clean log: @MaxX_Agent@.
Author of new headlights and flashing lights: @MaxX_Agent@.

DOWNLOAD KamAZ_5490-65206_Neo_v2.6_ETS2_v1.48.x.rar – 177.7 MB

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