KAMAZ 5410 LEGEND V7.0 ETS2 1.47

Autonomous, does not replace anything, a KamAZ modification is bought from dealers.
Has 1 standard chassis.
It has 1 standard cabin with a sleeping bag.
Standard tuning.
A set of accessories in the cockpit + from Steam content.
Working spiral cables with advanced physics.
It has 3 types of high-quality KamAZ sounds in FMOD format.
It has high-quality sound YaMZ-238 in FMOD format.
There is no advanced hitch with standard trailers.
All window animation works – outside and inside.

Last changes:
1.A revision of all MAT files has been made to find and correct errors.
2. Added a new pack of braids for 2 types of steering wheel, 9 varieties each.
3. Outside, aesthetically improved lighting, headlights, windshields, etc.
4. Added 42 types of glossy painting.
5. Now there is support for painting the cabin in metallic.
6.Returned and fixed the work of flashing lights on the cab. (3 types)
7. Added a new improvement, smoke from the muffler.
8. Cleaned the log under ETS2 1.47 by 99.9% (percent)

Latest test on ETS2 version:
Happy gaming and happy travels!!!

Nikola Donbass.
Author of adaptation and conversion under 1.47: @Master_Yoda@.
Upgrade author: @Master_Yoda@.
The author of the registration of FMOD sounds: @Master_Yoda@.

DOWNLOAD KamAZ_5410_Legend_v7.0_ETS2_v1.47_.rar – 229.1 MB

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