KAMAZ 54 – 64 – 65 1.45

Autonomous, does not replace anything, is bought at dealers of KamAZ and VOLVO modifications.
KamAZ 6460 has 4 chassis and one cab.
KamAZ 65221 has 4 chassis and one cab.
Your own salon.
3 wiper modes.
Huge and rich tuning.
There are coiled cables with advanced physics.
There is an animation of cables for trailers and BDF.
Separately mod pack trailers – NEFAZ.
Separate pack of skins for the cab.
There is a separate BDF dummy for single cargo transportation.
Separately mega-pack of skins, military and rusty from MaxX_AGENT. (Updated 07/29/22)

Window animation done
The handles work when the windows are lowered
Added steering wheel adjustment
Added advanced hitch

Adapted by: MaxX_AGENT.
The author of the conversion of the entire 3D Model and animation: MaxX_AGENT.
The author of the conversion of all trailers and NEFAZ: MaxX_AGENT.
Author of army and rusty skins: MaxX_AGENT.

Collaboration: AJIEHA

DOWNLOAD KamAZ_54-64-65_ETS2_v1.45.x_Trailers.rar – 726.6 MB

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