KAMAZ 54-64-65 1.36.X

Update as of December 15, 2019
List of changes:
– Fixed mirrors for new physics (g_phys_mirrors “1”)
– Fixed registration of wipers (3 operating modes)
– Fixed outdated registration of headlights
– Added support for cables / hoses (on all chassis)
– Added rear license plate light on all chassis (trifle, but nice)
– Fixed all errors and warnings found
– Support for metallic paint (DX11)
– Also included are Nefaz 9334 and Nefaz 8332 trailers
– All trailers are acquired (defaulted goods)
– No tuning trailers
– The log is clean

– Standalone
– Sold at the KamAZ Motor Show (“Brand Dealers from Modifications”)
– One cabin
– 8 chassis (4 off-road)
– Your interior
– your sound
– Lots of tuning

Game Version 1.36
Update and correction for the current version of the game: Лёха 72

File: KamAZ_54-64-65.scs copy to the mod folder, connect in the mod manager

File: dlc_phys_flags_KamAZ_54-64-65.scs
File: dlc_toys_KamAZ_54-64-65.scs
Connect with appropriate add-ons

Files: copy nefaz_8332.scs and nefaz_9334.scs to the mod folder, connect in the mod manager
Attention: trailers without the main mod KamAZ_54-64-65.scs DO NOT CONNECT!

Edit: Лёха72 / Original: Koral, shilov977

DOWNLOAD KamAZ_54-64-65.7z – 364.3 MB

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