Italy Map Project v12 1.50

The IMP V12 includes:
– restyling of Genoa
– restyling of Catanzaro
– creation of the Argentario area (Tuscany)
– Porto Santo Stefano (new city)
– Giglio Porto (new city; Giglio island)
– restyling and new part of the A7 motorway
– restyling and new part of the A10 motorway
– creation of SS1 in the city section of Genoa
– creation of SS106 in the section between Crotone and Catanzaro

Ferry routes:
– Genoa – Barcelona
– Genoa – Palermo
– Genoa – Oblia
– Genoa – Porto Torres
– Livorno – Palermo



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  1. Stefano says:

    The map would be beautiful but it doesn’t accept cargo.
    Any type of load (with Wielton or Tirsan or standard) is not accepted by the Italy map.
    Cargoes abroad are accepted regularly.
    Can you update please?

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