Hungary Map 0.9.28a (fix + update) for

New Update (07.12.2019):
– fixed the problems that caused game crash after Ets2 update to game version.

The package contains the complete Hungary Map, adapted to version 1.36 of ETS 2!

Before I get started, I’d like to draw your attention to some (very) important things about installing and using Hungary Map!

Hungary Map is a separate map module, so it requires a separate profile and cannot be linked to any other map!
Not usable with profile created for Europe Map !!!

Follow the steps below to create a new profile!
Click on the “New Preofile” button, but before you fill out any new panel, you should first enter
the “Mod Manager” with the icon in the upper left corner, then activate the
HM 3 db .scs file and confirm the changes, which will you will be returned to the profile panel!
Find the “Game Module” right now and select “hungary.mbd”, then fill out the form and create a profile!

The package contains the complete Hungary Map, adapted to version 1.36 of ETS 2!

Unzipping the .7z file will result in 3 .scs files, which will be copied to the “mod” folder
and then activated in the “Mod manager” of profile.

After reducing the 4 files used so far to 3 files (hungary_base.scs, hungary_model.scs and hungary_def.scs),
only these are needed, all can be deleted!

Unfortunately, I have not managed to fix all the “freaks” caused by the new developments
on the map, so you can get in touch with a police officer or worker working on the road, but they
do not have a collision surface, you can safely go over them — I am constantly working on their repair! ! ?

*I’ve fixed the traffic light problem!

Indian56, Frank007

DOWNLOAD HUNGARY_MAP_byFrank007_0.9.28a_1.36.x.7z – 2.0 GB

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