Honda Civic FB7

1)Is Compatible With Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.35) Version.
2)Two Chassis Are Available. (Normal-Flattened)
3)There Are Three Engine Sounds.
4)Slot Mirror Options Are Available.
5)Slot Front Bumper Options Are Available.
6)Slot Rear Bumper Options Are Available.
7)Slot Glass Film Options Are Available.
8)Slot Si Logo Options Are Available.
9)Slot Spoilers Are Available.
10)Slot Glass Windbreaker Is Available.
11)Slot Buffer Light Is Available.
12)Slot Antenna Available.
13)Slot Side Detail Available.
14)Slot Side Marshmallow Is Available.
15)Slot Rocking Accessory Available.

Animations Found In The Vehicle;
– Contact Animation.
– Signal Lever Animation.
– Wiper Arm Animation.
– Quadrant Greeting Animation.
– Pedal Animation.
– Wiper Animation.
– Animation Of Warning Lights On The Display.
– Ornamental Animation.
– Quad Key Animation.
– Animated GPS (can be activated by pressing O Key.)

Compatible version: 1.35.x – 1.36.x
Note: The vehicle comes out at the mod dealer.

WARNING: Editing Is Forbidden.

Harun Aras – Hüseyin Ülken – Berkay Aksoy – Erdem Kuzey – Hüseyin Şafak


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