“The Great Steppe is a map of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which opens the way from Europe to Asia with the help of the Rus Map Project. The modification works on its own (on the right side of the main map and is not connected to the others, that is, independently) and in conjunction with RusMap, which gives a road connection to the map of Europe and other modifications… The

map is almost completely redesigned, that is, shifted to a more realistic projection similar to SCS.

The time has come, I need to take a little break, and in that time you can travel a little on the new roads of the Eurasian steppe. A new region has been added to the map – Kostanay region, which implements the main nominal eastern time +6 hours, (previously there was only a western time zone +5 hours), which means that we are not standing still.

– The way to Asia
– Flat terrain, small grasslands, steppes, deserts, semi-deserts
– Broken roads (in places)
– Sparsely populated areas, long distances.

What’s new:
– Update for 1.40

09_KZ, [email protected]


DOWNLOAD The_Great_Steppe_v2.5.z01 – 220.0 MB

DOWNLOAD The_Great_Steppe_v2.5.z02 – 220.0 MB

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