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keep my links if you want to share them.
Do not use my modifications in other works without my permission

I know that many people use map add-ons from the moders scene
Cannot perform one navigation for all modes
maps Therefore the map from the moders scene has been repaired

GPS RG PRO 2.0 Fix Russian Open Spaces v7.5 fixes compatibility GPS RG PRO 2.0 or GPS RG PRO 2.0 LED with map summary
Russian Open Spaces v7.5
Russian Open Spaces v7.5 + RusMap

It’s just an add-on! This add-on will not work without the original LED GPS RG PRO 2.0 or GPS RG PRO 2.0 module

Place above GPS RG PRO 2.0 .scs or GPS RG PRO 2.0
map modes to give higher priority
GPS RG PRO 2.0 Fix (map name) .scs
place over GPS RG PRO 2.0 .scs or GPS RG PRO 2.0 LED.scs

Mod tested on version
Works well. If you notice any errors, let me know in the comments in the next version
1. RAR file and unpack
2. Place the SCS file in the mods folder
3. In the mod manager, place him first above Promods 2.42 + map Rus
4. Required game version 1.35 XXX

It is recommended to open the pdf file in a browser, e.g. Google Chrome. To download, click the blue Download button

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DOWNLOAD Download_GPS_RG__PRO_2_0_Fix_Russian_Open_Spaces.rar – 6.4 MB

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