Ferry Connection between DLC RtBS – Southern Region 7.9.2 (1.36.x)

This mod add ferry routes in the region of Galati (Romania):

– Bralia (Romania) and Novorossiysk (Russia) – 9 hours 30 minutes on the way.

– Novorossiysk (Russia) and Smardan (Romania) – 9 hours on the road.

The ports of Novorossiysk, Bralia and Smardan work both for import and export of goods and cargo.

Work with DLC RttBS and Southern Region 7.9.2

*Set with a higher priority than all maps.

Map SR 7.9.2: https://sharemods.com/z95k1rqw1u0p/SR_7.9.2_1.36_fixed__all_Addons.7z.html

Tested on game version

South Region Team, dobr4060

DOWNLOAD ferry-SR7.9-DLC.RttBS.scs – 19 KB

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