Elegg Skin For Overfloater Kenworth K100-E 1.49

Hello everyone, so while i working for next Volvo FH12/16 livery i took a time for looking another truck beside DAF XG 2021 & Scania S 2019 for added into my work and weirdly enough this Kenworth K100-E was on my interest list because this truck supposed to be on ats but i don’t have that games so i do on ets2 anyway, for truck itself it’s was simple and easy work with, so yeah here it is K100-E with Elegg livery hope y’all like it

-Aerodyne VIT Cab Only
-All Chassis Support
-No Texture Error (maybe? comment if you encountering some texture error i will fix it)

-I only upload mods on ets2.lt websites
-I only use sharemods.com to share files with username zenvi666

Another Notes: Just in case you wandering how i can get that illustration (anime girl picture) y’all can visit pixiv mostly illustration for my livery i get from that website but don’t forget to CREDIT the artist if you use their illustration.

Overfloater For Kenworth K100-E
herfstijl & yogurtvnl For Illustration (you can find those guys on pixiv)
Zen Workshop (Zenvi) the A U T H O R and C R E A T O R of this skin

DOWNLOAD Elegg_Skin.zip – 497 KB

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